How to Solve Amazon Fire Stick no WiFi Signal?

Amazon FireStick provides you with a wide range of content from movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series, and more.

However, to have access to everything you need to have a strong and stable Internet connection.

If your Amazon Fire Stick has no WiFi signal, then you won’t be able to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

And recently a lot of users have complained that their Amazon Firestick fails to connect to WiFi.

If you are also facing a similar issue, then this guide is full of solutions that will help you resolve it.

So let us start.

How to Fix Amazon Firestick No WiFi Signal?

Method 1 – Check Amazon Fire Stick Setup

The physical setup of your devices can interrupt the WiFi signal. And so before going deep into the Settings, examine the setup.

Due to enclosed space and cabinets, you might be experiencing a weak WiFi signal. Also, put away other objects or bigger devices that might be blocking the signal.

Amazon Firestick Setup

So try to keep your Amazon Fire TV in an open space, away from devices that can interfere with the WiFi.

Method 2 – Check your WiFi Connection

A weak WiFi signal needs you to check if your Internet connection is working fine on other devices like your smartphone or laptop.

If your WiFi is working fine on other devices, then the problem lies in your FireStick. However, here are a few steps that you can follow to check your network status on the Amazon Firestick device.

Step 1 – Open the Settings. And go to the Network section.

Amazon Firestick Network Settings

Step 2 – Now press the Play/Pause button on your remote.

Check WiFi Status

This will inform you of the status of your home WiFi network. If it doesn’t show that your WiFi is working, then you can try restarting your modem or router.

Method 3 – Restart Modem or Router

Connectivity issues can be fixed by giving your modem or router a quick restart. So if you find the network status a bit low, then follow the steps given below –

Step 1 – Power off your router. To turn off the modem, press the power button. Also, remove the adapter.

Step 2 –After 30 seconds, turn on your router or modem. Now, wait till the network device establishes a connection.

Restart modem

In a few minutes, the router or modem will start completely. You can now connect your FireStick device to the Internet and check if it is working or not.

Method 4 – Restart your FireStick Device

If your WiFi connection and router are working fine, then let us move to your FireStick device and reboot it.

There are three different ways to restart the Amazon Firestick device. Check out the different methods –

Part I

Physically restart the device by unplugging the Firestick from the power outlet. Then wait for half a minute and plug it again. Now try connecting it to the WiFi and check if everything works well.

Part II

Pressing down the remote button in a combination will also reboot your device. So press the play/pause button along with the Select button together. Then wait for a few seconds till the device restarts.

Restart Amazon Firestick with remote

Part III

You can also go to the Settings of the Amazon FireStick device and restart it. So go to the Settings, and select your Device.

Under this submenu, choose the Restart option.

Restart Amazon Firestick

After the device reboots and starts again, check your WiFi connection. Restarting the device can clear out the data and fix connectivity issues.

Method 5 – Forget WiFi and Establish New Connection

If your Amazon FireStick is unable to catch the WiFi signal, then you can forget your current WiFi connection and establish a new connection.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings and open Network.

Amazon Firestick Network Settings

Step 2 – Now select your network that is creating the issue, and then hit the Menu button aka your hamburger icon.

Step 3 – Then click on the Forget this network option and confirm your action. Your Firestick device will be disconnected from the WiFi network.

Forget WiFi Network

Step 4 – Now again look for your network option in the list of available networks and try to reconnect.

After entering the password, check if the connection is strong and stable and you can stream content or not. If this method also doesn’t work then here are some extra tips for you.

Bonus Tips –

  • Try connecting your FireStick to an HDMI Extender. It not only boosts WiFi connectivity but also improves the performance of your Fire TV.
  • Make sure you are connecting to a network which is not hidden. If it is, then unhide the WiFi SSID.
  • Check if the router does not have DHCP disabled. If yes, then you will have to allot a static IP.
  • Lastly, restore your Fire TV to factory default.


There are a lot of times that your WiFi network doesn’t connect to your device.

Amazon FireStick no WiFi signal issue can also occur like that and unfortunately, we do not know what might be causing it or how we can fix it.

And so you don’t worry as we have got you covered.

We have tried to get you some easy and quick troubleshooting methods to fix connectivity issues like this.

If you have some other methods that worked for you, then do share them with our readers. And for more guides like this, look out for this space.

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