Why Can’t Alexa Turn on My Samsung TV? – How to Fix?

Alexa, Turn On My TV!

On listening to this, your virtual assistant should turn on your TV immediately.

However, if you have a Samsung TV then this voice command might not work. It is not like Samsung is not compatible with Alexa, but there are chances that your Samsung TV might not respond to Alexa.

The older models of Samsung TV aren’t compatible with Alexa and so you might need to pair them up with Amazon FireStick.

However, if you have the latest Samsung Smart TV and still Alexa can’t turn on Samsung TV, then you have reached the right page.

Today we are going to share with you some methods to get that extra voice control on your Samsung TV.

Solutions to Fix – Alexa Can’t Turn On My Samsung TV

The functionality between Alexa and Samsung TV’s SmartThings app has changed over time. While the old TV had limited functionality, the latest versions are quite updated.

Check out the following methods and follow the instructions carefully.

Method 1 – Check your Samsung SmartThing App

The Samsung SmartThing app is necessary to connect your Samsung TV to Alexa. Integrating the functions of the Samsung TV with Alexa is important, and this might be causing the issue.

And so if you are wondering why can’t Alexa turn on Samsung TV then head to the Settings of your SmartThings app.

Amazon SmartThings App

Make sure that all the settings that you require to connect the two devices are enabled. Troubleshooting the Settings will help you resolve the issue and you can start the connection to your smart device afresh.

Method 2 – Check your WiFi Connection

Alexa might not be able to turn on the Samsung TV because of poor Internet connection. A weak and unstable WiFi connection can disconnect your smart TV.

And so if you have been facing inconsistent WiFi connectivity, then try to reset your modem and power cycle the router. Once the device is switched on, try to play some audio to check if your Alexa is working.

Connect Alexa to WiFi

If not, then move your Alexa speaker closer to the router and away from other electronic devices.

Also, try to reset Alexa and set it to a 5GHz channel for less interference.

Method 3 –Check Overcrowding of Connected Devices

There are chances that Alexa might not be able to find your Samsung TV. It is important to connect your Alexa with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. If the two devices are not connected, then finding a Samsung TV might be a problem.

Despite being able to connect a lot of devices to the smart speaker, even non-Amazon products, network congestion, and software issues can sometimes cause connectivity problems.

Prevent Overcrowding of devices

Yes, the connection of a lot of smart devices simultaneously might be interfering with Alexa turning on Samsung TV.

Method 4 – Enable Eco Mode

Eco mode should be enabled for Alexa to find and pair with Samsung TV. And so if the Eco Mode is not enabled, then enable it.

And in case you are using a hardwired Samsung TV, then you should always enable Eco Mode.

General Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check if the microphone of your smart speaker is On. If not, then hit the microphone button right away.
  • Use of a specific wake word is necessary. Do not play with the wake word, and stick to the default word like Alexa. It is easier to operate and remember.
  • Both your Samsung TV and Amazon Echo should be connected to the same WiFi network properly.
  • Reboot your devices for the SmartThings app to connect.
  • Power down the devices to take care of network overcrowding.
  • The pair pull tab might be faulty. And so the LED lights would not illuminate and the pairing would not happen.
  • Use the Amazon FireStick and click on the add device option to connect only Samsung TV’s SmartThing app.


Samsung TVs can be controlled by Alexa easily, provided you are using the latest model.

However, sometimes even after commanding Alexa to turn on the TV many times, it doesn’t obey your command.

Now there can be a few reasons behind it like incompatibility, network overcrowding, poor WiFi connection, or wrong command.

You can resolve the error from your end with some easy and simple troubleshooting. But if nothing works, then I need to contact customer product support for further assistance.

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