5 Ways to Fix Alexa Device is Unresponsive after Power Outage

The power outage seems to be a minor inconvenience but is unpleasant. And when you live in an area with a stormy climate and frequent power outages, your appliances and gadgets are at great risk.

Even Amazon’s smart speakers aka Alexa devices become unresponsive after power outages.

Few users complained about their Echo Dot device not working after the power outage. Their device becomes totally unresponsive.

If you are also looking for ways to fix the Alexa device that is unresponsive after a power outage issue, then we have got you covered.

Let us have a look at the methods that will work when your device is experiencing an abrupt power supply.

How to Fix Unresponsive Alexa Device after Power Outage?

Alexa comes integrated with all Amazon’s smart home products like Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

Alexa is the smart voice assistant that works on your command. However, during power outages, it is unable to process your request. And as it is powered on, it becomes unresponsive.

Method 1 – Restart your Alexa Device

Power cycling your devices is tiresome especially when you have to do it after every power outage.

But it is the first thing you need to do to get your Alexa device back to work.

Step 1 – Power off your device by pressing the power button and holding it till the device is switched off.

Step 2 – Then disconnect the power cord and let it in that state for a few seconds.

Power Cycle Alexa device

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Step 3 – After a few seconds, plug back the power cord and press the power button. The device will reboot and restart.

Power cycling your Alexa device is the easiest way to resolve the unresponsiveness of any device.

Method 2 – Disable and Re-enable Alexa Skills

The next method you can try to troubleshoot the unresponsive Alexa device is checking the Alexa skills.

Login to your Alexa account via the app or your website and check the Your Skills section. If you find your device as your Alexa Skills then follow the given steps to disable it as your smart home device and then re-enable it.

Step 1 – Open the Settings on your Alexa app.

Step 2 – You will find the Disable Skill option to disable your device within the Alexa Skill.

You can head back to the Devices section to check if you have successfully disabled your device.

Step 3 – Now disconnect the power supply and give your router a quick restart.

Step 4 – Reconnect everything.

Step 5 – Again go to Skills> Your Skills. Add your device manually and see if your device starts working normally again.

Connect device with Alexa manually

Disabling and re-enabling the skill for your smart home devices in the Alexa app has helped a lot of users. Thus you can give it a shot.

Method 3 – Uninstall and Reinstall Device Manufacturer’s App

If the above method also doesn’t work then there are chances that it could be due to an error from the manufacturer’s side.

Even though there is no clear sign that confirms that the problem is with the device’s manufacturer app you can still try it.

The process of uninstalling and reinstalling the manufacturer’s app is the same as other apps. Remove the app from your device and reinstall it from the official App Store.

Install Alexa App

Method 4 – Update the Firmware of your Smart Device

Firmware is the software on your device on which your service is actually running. Even when these software are carefully crafted, they are not perfect. They are prone to bugs and system glitches.

Power outages can do exactly the same to the firmware of your device. The errors can be resolved by updating the firmware.

Step 1 – Firstly, know your device. Check out the model of your device and all the specifications to be sure of the firmware.

Check Software Version

Step 2 – Visit the official manufacturer’s website to check for any latest updates being rolled out by them.

You can also contact the manufacturer directly to enquire about it.

Step 3 – If there are any updates available, first backup your current firmware. And then follow the instructions by the manufacturer to complete the update process.

Updating the firmware can also help you fix the unresponsive Alexa devices. However, if this method doesn’t seem to work, then check out the last method.

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Method 5 – Reset your Alexa Device

The last troubleshooting trick to get Alexa to work normally is resetting it. You can reset your device via the Alexa app.

Step 1 – Go to the Alexa app. Click on the Devices option.

Step 2 – Choose Echo & Alexa. Next, select the specific Alexa device that is unresponsive and you want to reset.

Step 3 – Scroll down to find the Reset Settings Menu. Within the menu, click on factory reset and confirm our action.

Factory Reset Alexa

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Wait till your device resets every setting and restarts. This is the ultimate method and should work for you.


Power outages are unpleasant and their aftermath can be seen on the electrical devices at our home.

While you cannot control the power supply, you can definitely deal with your unresponsive devices. There are a number of simple ways like turning off and on the device that can help you get your TV or smart home device like Alexa to work.

A lot of users living in areas prone to power cuts complained about their Alexa device not working after a power outage. Therefore we got you a complete guide on “Ways to fix the unresponsive Alexa Device after a power outage.”

If you have any further questions or doubts regarding any process, then out them up in the comments section. We will be happy to help you.

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