Install Aftershock on Kodi

A Short Guide on How to Install Aftershock on Kodi

In this article, you’ll learn about Kodi post-shock add-ons and how to install Kodi Aftershock add-ons.

After the add-on shock, this is one of the best Kodi add-ons for watching Indian movies, games, TV shows, and more.

It contains a large number of categories and subcategories according to the viewer’s choice. With this desi Kodi Aftershock add-on, viewers can enjoy all Bollywood original movies, TV shows, and much more.

Watching TV movies and shows on weekends is the best idea one can have in this pandemic era when no one can move outside to enjoy their weekends due to restrictions.

But with this process of installing the cryptographic version of the Kodi replication plugin, weekends will be worth enjoying for you.

Please make sure that the device has a high speed and full Internet connection before heading to the next step in the installation process.

Install Aftershock on Kodi

Install Aftershock on Kodi

Method 1: Through noobs and nerds repository

You need noobs and nerds repository to install the shock add on on Kodi. So, first know how to install and run noobs and nerds and then we will proceed with the next step in the process of installation of Aftershock.

1. Select the setting icon present in the upper left corner of the Kodi homepage.

Aftershock add-on for Kodi

After clicking on this, it will land on to a new window. Here select the File Manager section and add the source directory.

2. Go to the option File Manager which is present just below the profile icon.

3. Now Double-click on the option Add Source to proceed further to the next screen.

File manager-> add source

4. In the Add File Source section, click the None icon and then click OK.

5. Enter the URL without error and click o on the media path for the directory.

Aftershock Repo

6. Name the catalog file>click the OK button.

7. Return to the home page>select the plug-in option.

8. Click the Plug-ins drop-down list in the upper-left corner of the Plug-ins window.

9. Click the Install option in the zip file.

10. Select the specified name as the directory>browse and locate for the zip file.

11. Select the Storage portal option>go to the next step.

12. Select aftershock> install the plug-in and take a pause to receive the notification.

13. After installation, you will be asked to install the Aftershock plugin as shown below.

Install from zip file

14. Then click on the Install from warehouse option.

15. Select the Aftershock plug-in icon on the catalog screen.

16. After selecting the Aftershock Plugin option>select Video Plugin.

Video add-ons

17. Select and install Swa-desi from Replicas.> install the notification plugin at the top right corner of the screen.

18.After installing the Aftershock plugin on your system, you can open it in Kodi software by clicking on the Video Add-ons section.

This notification screen is displayed in a window. Click on the close option to go to the next screen.

How to Install Aftershock on Kodi

With the Aftershock plugin, you can view many categories of programs, such as movies, TV, settings, clear cache, changelog, etc. by selecting the TV option and you can watch many Indian TV channels.

Method 2: Installation through ZIP file

The general guide is for Aftershock download and installation via a zip file. There is no repository URL.

1. First, you need to download the zip file Aftershock > save this file to a location that you find easy.

2. Open Kodi>click add-on> click the box icon.

Enter add-ons

3. Click Install from the zip file>select>Wait for this repository to be installed on Kodi.

4. Click Install from Repository >select Aftershock Repository.

5. Continue to click the video attachment>click the replica attachment in the list>click Install.

In conclusion

Swadeshi allows you to watch various Hindi TV programs. Many Indian channels are available to users. In the Movies section, you will be taken to the Movies section of different languages. Here you can choose from a variety of the latest movies which you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Select your favorite movie and you will see a buffer section to download your source. Wait for all source files to be processed and click OK.

The Aftershock plugin includes many Indian movies in the Movies category. You can also watch Indian TV series on Swa-desi from the Aftershock plugin. So, the latest Aftershock plug-in is where the search for Indian TV channels ends. We hope this article will help you enjoy the Kodi Aftershock add-on for your all Indian entertainment cravings.

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