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Discord Mobile Screen Share no Audio – 5 Proven Fixes

Discord started out as a chatting platform for gamers. In later years it introduced the screen sharing feature by testing ...
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4 Quick Solutions to Fix Spectrum DVR Remote not Working

The Spectrum TV remotes have programmable keys that you can use to control various devices and sometimes even gaming consoles ...
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How to Fix Spectrum DVR not Showing on App? – 4 Proven Ways

With more than 200 cable channels, Spectrum TV is a well-known content streaming device. With increasing on-demand content, TV shows, ...
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Why Can’t Alexa Turn on My Samsung TV? – How to Fix?

Alexa, Turn On My TV! On listening to this, your virtual assistant should turn on your TV immediately. However, if ...
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How to Fix Xbox One Won’t Load Up the Home Screen?

The Xbox One has come a long way. Microsoft has introduced regular updates to be able to keep the Home ...
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# Solutions to Fix – Xbox One Broadcast not Working

There are a few applications out there that work great with Xbox for streaming and broadcasting games. If you have ...
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A Quick Guide on How to Watch Apple TV on Android?

The day has finally come when you can use your Apple TV subscription on an Android device. Yes, you read ...
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How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Xbox One & Xbox 360?

The Xbox gaming console by Microsoft ensures the best gaming experience. But it is not limited to playing games only ...
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