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How To Fix Ethernet Cable Not Lighting Up?

Do you connect your computer or gaming console to the Internet via Ethernet cables? If yes, then this post will ...
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LG TV not Responding to Remote Control – 6 Proven Solutions

LG TV is one of the most purchased brands of TVs. It comes with two kinds of remote – a ...
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Google Home Lights not Responding after a Power Outage – 5 Fixes

Google Home and its smart devices make our home smart. Performance-oriented, but what happens when it underperforms. Feel annoyed right? ...
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5 Ways to Fix Alexa Device is Unresponsive after Power Outage

The power outage seems to be a minor inconvenience but is unpleasant. And when you live in an area with ...
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How to Connect Xbox app to Xbox with Code?

Our smartphones are not restricted to running different apps and texting and calling. You can now use it as a ...
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LG Remote has not Been Successfully Registered – How to Fix?

LG products are compatible with both LG-specific and universal remotes. In order for the LG Magic remote to work it ...
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How to Fix Can’t Join to Voice Channel on Phone in Discord?

Discord is a popular application that ensures quality voice, video, and chats featured for gamers. You can create a server, ...
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iPhone Notifications Not Working With Apple Watch – 5 Solutions

Connecting the iPhone to Apple Watch makes our work so much easier. We receive notifications of all our emails, texts, ...
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